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You guys...this is a poem I wrote to someone I'm in love with. It was for valentines day. its long, but please read it anyway. thanks :)

So many people in this world go about each day fearing tomorrow
Worrying about failure, loss and sorrow
They sit and dwell on the past
and seem to forget that time goes by too fast
Some people live each day by the minute without a single regret
and then they take for granted the special things that they may get
some people live their whole lives seeking nothing but success
and partake only in misery and stress
others travel to every area that they can
not realizing the inner beauty of every man
others seem to hide their emotions due to the fear of rejection
and then miss out on having affection
others don`t know who they are or how they feel
in which case they have no open wound to heal
however, for those like us
those that live for passion, love, and lust
those that seek the one true love
not waiting for presents to be sent from above
for those of us that love freely without worry
and who try to solve problems without fury
for those of us that put our hearts on the line
waiting and waiting for the other to be mine
for those that get rejected and feel pain
but who never give up until they gain
for those that seek happiness for another
for those who care about each other
for those that may just stand up and cheer
for those that may forget their fear
for all those people that I know and love
you must be sent from above
for every gift you give
gives me another reason to live
for my friends and lovers that I hold dear
no matter the distance you will always be near
for those that challenged me to be the best
that made me long to excel above the rest
for all those that taught me to see
to see thebeautiful sightsaround me
forall those that care about what I do
remember, I would be nothing without you
and for that one that holds my love
you were sent from above
a gift from the sky
in my heart you will always lye
for whether this is to be
you will always be the one that holds the key
the key to my heart and soul
the one that helps me accomplish every goal
you are the one for whom I pray
and the first one on my mind each day
so may your life bring you nothing but the best
may you feel happiness within your chest
and maybe just for today
you will take in what I say
for you are the one that I adore
the one that I would die for
and as of today, in this moment in time
I am lucky to say that I am yours and you are mine
and whether that may not be true forever
in my heart we will always be together
and maybe my young heart is just being immature
but love has no cure
it spreads through your body like a disease
it makes you melt and it makes you freeze
it makes you cry
it makes you fear every good-bye
and takes over who you are inside
it is so powerful that you can not hide
it makes you weak and tremble internally
but it sets you free
it makes you realize what you hold
and with that thought you will never be cold
its happiness and thirst
and nothing is better than the first
there are many people out there that can hold your love
but only the special are sent from above
and whether it is coincidence or fate
and whether it brings you that perfect mate
whether it comes early or late
it prevents you from feeling hate
so as I conclude this body of words
please accept the things you have heard
and smile and laugh in every way
for this is valentines day!
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